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    On the 24th of February 2015 The Scuba Coach had the opportunity to be trained by Apollo (Australia) in using Logosease LGS-RG005BA Underwater Comm’s. These fantastic Casio manufactured units allow divers to communicate underwater at length very easily. Casio manufacture the before mentioned range, one more applicable to military applications (multiple frequencies, automatic on etc) and a unit which can be positioned at the surface of the water. These fantastic devices are very easy to fit …read more here!

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    Logging your dives

    resting green sea turtle

    Remember when you were a newbie diver and within 5 minutes of being out of the water you religiously logged your dive – air, depth, equipment, weather, environment and maybe even a few notes on what caught your eye – when did this stop? I have a number of dive friends and buddies who don’t log their dives and generally their reasons are that they have so many dives and no intention of gaining further dive qualifications to advance a diving career that they don’t see the purpose. With …read more here!

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    Freediver observes a group of scuba divers passing by - Photo credit Linda Paganelli

    Freediving is still relatively a new sport and unknown in eyes of the broad public. However between the water addicted people it is making a quick breakthrough and one of the biggest groups it appeals to are scuba divers. At this moment there are good few scuba divers working and training as a freediving instructors at our freediving school and I was always curious how they compare the two sports. So I have invited my fellow colleague Hussein Odeba for morning coffee and chat to one of the seafront …read more here!

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    Torid Pulse Gun

    torid pulse

      Diving just got even more fun… But how? With the introduction of an underwater bubble gun. The Torid Pulse gun is incredible. It allows you to shoot your dive buddies from a distance; to get their attention or in an underwater skirmish match. The Torid Pulse gun can be used in both pools and the ocean. Here is some footage shared with us from Marco. This gun is a lot of fun and available from select dealers. For more information – contact us by commenting below! …read more here!

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    Diver And Great White Sharks

    Common Diving Questions: Despite how popular SCUBA diving has become for recreational divers, it remains an ‘extreme’ sport that often creates interesting discussions in both diving and non-diving circles. From non-divers the questions usually relate to the perceived fear that the ocean presents us i.e. but what about sharks?; aren’t you afraid you’ll drown?; or my favourite, though it’s not really a question… ‘I prefer to be able to keep my feet on the ground’.  More often …read more here!

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    MISS DIVING SPECIALS CONTEST – DEADLINE: 15 FEB 2015 The cooperation between Diving Specials and the Maldivian liveaboard operator Scubaspa resulted in an exciting contest: Miss Diving Specials. When considering ‘Miss Diving Specials’ contests we rather think of long-legged beauties in evening dresses and celebrity judges whose opinion do not always coincide with your own. In the case of Miss Diving Specials everything is different: everybody can join the contest and you can vote for your …read more here!

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    Freediving fins blades be up 1 meter long!

    I want to start Freediving! Do I need to get Freediving equipment or can I just go with my scuba gear? Surely you have seen those long freediving fins before, which are just super annoying to walk around in the water. And these small masks through which you barely see anything. Two piece wetsuits and flexible snorkels… For sure, freediving equipment may look pretty much like scuba equipment and for sure there are a lot of similarities but it is also quite different. So then, is it really …read more here!

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    Challenge yourself!

    Diver, barrel sponge Xestospongia in Banda, Indonesia underwater

    Dive differently! SCUBA diving is a sport of continuous learning. If you believe you know it all, you probably haven’t dived enough or travelled far enough to find something different, or you haven’t dived with a wide enough variety of dive buddies. Different dive buddies bring different experiences to your dive. Yes we’ve all done the same courses and have ‘learned’ the same things, but each diver will view diving from a different perspective. Take photographers, their dives …read more here!

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    Diving Changed Me

    Guided Dive

    I’ve always been an adventurous person – I’ve travelled the world with my child, jumped out of an airplane, attempted (and failed) skiing, explored remote areas, started a charity, tried internet dating but none have made me feel as brave and free as SCUBA diving. Can you hear it – “They may take our lives, but never take our freedom” (Braveheart film, 1995) – okay maybe that’s a bit dramatic but I did find freedom. My path to SCUBA diving was not straightforward – I did an ocean …read more here!

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    Without a doubt the Stress & Rescue Course has been my favourite course to date. As with most scuba training there is a theory and practical component to this course. The theory outlines various scenarios for preparedness for diving emergencies; whilst the practical introduces these scenarios into your diving skills. Scenarios include the most common dive emergencies such as out of air situations, cramps, diver distress, decompression illness and missing divers, with consideration for both …read more here!

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