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    The best things happen when you least expect it ! This quote couldn’t have been more true to me. It all started when a friend of mine invited me to travel with her to Dahab for four days trip unexpectedly. I’m the kind of person who prefers sitting in front of the sea rather than swimming in it! (I don’t like salty water & I hate when sand stick to your legs after coming out of the water) So I wasn’t expecting by any means that I’ll do anything related to water sports, …read more here!

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    This is a 2D (left eye) from 3D teaser (vimeo.com/75123447) for Sea of Love 3D IMAX film, which is currently in development. The entire footage was shot with two 3Deep housings that won the top international award for innovation earlier this year in the USA. Up until now, capturing cinema-quality images underwater, especially in 3D, has meant large, cumbersome and expensive equipment, large camera crews, and images dramatically degraded by the underwater optics available. It’s made it almost …read more here!

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    dive video

    GREAT GALAPAGOS The best place I’ve ever been in my life, what an amazing, raw and beautiful place! Thanks to Nick, Tom and Mark who I travelled with for their great friendship and support as always, it was a blast! Had an wicked time on the Aggressor 2 liveaboard and the diving was superb! I’ll never forget it and can’t wait to get back there! Thanks to our awesome dive guides Gustarvo and Richard who were in their own right, fantastic underwater photographers and film makers. The thing I …read more here!

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    Smiling friends on scuba training in swimming pool cheering at c

    Dive Flag App – dedicated social media platform for divers around the world! Dive Flag App was started as an iOs (iPhone based) social media platform. The application took off in a significant way and it soon became a necessity to provide for an Android platform too. When member numbers grew into the tens of thousands of members it became a natural progression for Dive Flag App to also offer a web-access platform through a web-browser. Web-access platform: www.diveflagapp.com/diveflagapp As …read more here!

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    Free diving students

    45 Signs you will make a great Freediving Instructor! This one is for the Freedivers, thinking about going professional? We think you should go Nike and Just do it!! It’s a growth sector, its trending, its blowing up all over the world, its Freediving and its coming to a shoreline near you soon, if your hooked on your health and well being, love the gym or yoga, enjoy the outdoors or are just a flat out adventure junky then you have to get involved in Freediving! Freediving Instructor …read more here!

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    Scuba Shooters on Dive Flag App

    Want to become an underwater photographer? Not sure where to start? ScubaShooters.Net is one of Dive Flag App’s industry partners. ScubaShooters.Net’s database has thousands of photos and many videos too submitted by underwater photographers from around the world. With these photos and videos comes camera equipment and setting tips, locations and tips. Learning couldn’t be easier. Log into www.diveflagapp.com/diveflagapp to view some of Scuba Shooter’s top images daily! Owner and …read more here!

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    Diver interacting with grouper

        When we first learn to dive we read in our dive manuals that touching marine life can be dangerous for both you as the diver and for the animal. Although I have never touched a marine animal on purpose – I have done so whilst under the influence of narcosis – which resulted in myself being shocked by a numb-ray. Needless to say I completely agree with the fact that you should not touch marine life. The underwater world is very biodiverse and is home to plenty of animals …read more here!

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    Benjamin with his students during a Level 3 course

    About 2 years ago I made the more than necessary decision to quit university and do something else. Anything else! What, did not matter. Just anything which had nothing to do with hanging out in huge lecture halls, listening to mostly narcissistic professors praising themselves instead of the subject in front of hundreds of bored students who probably didn’t even want to be there, but felt forced to be there or just didn’t know what to do otherwise. I must say I never regretted the decision I …read more here!

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    diver panics

    One of the first questions divers tend to as another diver is: “what certification do you have”? Although this is an interesting question and one which can be pretty open-ended it is important to note that the answer should not be used to assess the diver’s skills underwater. In my experience as a diver who has guided and met a lot of interesting divers around the world – there is a lot of variation in a shop’s ability to train a diver, especially when they are trying to cut costs, days of courses …read more here!

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        Underwater communication is kept simple for a number of reasons. These include, but are not limited to; 1) The diversity of cultures involved in diving (diversity of spoken languages), 2) The lack of verbal communication under water, 3) Limited use of appendages, 4) Limited visibility, and 5) The chance of underwater stress.   Below is the most commonly used underwater hand signal and can be used both as a question and as a response. Creating a circle using …read more here!

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