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    The Deepest Dive Ever 350m on Open Circuit Donators – Competition To thank all our donators, the team of @worldrecord350 have great pleasure to launch our Post-Dive Competition. The Prizes: 100 Signed Photos of Ahmed Gabr 10 World Record T-Shirts Signed by Ahmed Gabr 5 Days Free Diving with one of the @worldrecord350 Team 1 X-Deep Stealth Side-Mount Kit (excluding regulators) To enter all you have to do is donate: £25:00 or More – Entry into the Signed Photo Prizes £50:00 …read more here!

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    Ahmed Gabr Funding

    Ahmed Gabr World’s Deepest Ocean Dive Attempt As you can imagine attempting the world record for anything involves some serious consideration, effort and resources. Attempting the world’s deepest ocean dive of 350m is no exception. Ahmed Gabr will be attempting just that on the 18th of September. Ahmed needs your help! He needs to raise some additional funds to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day and that he has enough speciality gas on hand. This does not require a huge contribution …read more here!

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    Scuba Diver Tag

    SDT Thumbnail

    WHY A SCUBADIVERTAG? The other day, someone asked me why should they get a tag?  The answer, I told them, goes back to a dive trip I took a few years ago to Cozumel in Mexico. WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A SAFE ADVENTURE In 2011, I went diving in Cozumel.  We were staying at a very nice resort on the beach and the trip included 3 boat dives/day.  A lot of the diving in Cozumel is drift diving where you drift along the reef while the boat follows along watching the air bubbles break the surface. …read more here!

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    Jenny Lord

    I’ve been part of the support team helping Ahmed train for his world record 350m dive since January.  During that time, I’ve seen the team grow from a couple of people, to over 20 support divers, surface co-ordinators, event managers, planners, gas blenders, photographers, and doctors. I’m an advanced trimix diver, and have been diving for 6 years.  When I first went along to help out, it was just to ‘take a couple of photos’.  The initial dives at H2O were all done at the Blue Hole …read more here!

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    Dive Tee 2

    About Amphibious Outfitters After nearly 20 years serving the Diving Community, we feel blessed to have partnered with the best people in the industry. Together we have built the A/O® Brand, with appeal ranging from the recreational to hard core professional divers.In a continuing effort to provide only the leading edge designs, printing and style, A/O® will spend the next 18 months connecting with today’s diver. We will explore alternatives to the cut/weight of the garment, …read more here!

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    scuba nitrox thumbnail

    Speciality Gas Diving Enriched air nitrox (EAN) diving adds a new freedom to scuba with some special considerations. Regular mix for scuba diving is ‘air’ which consists of 21% oxygen; nitrox diving increases the oxygen content to between 32-36%, though advanced nitrox diving or technical diving can increase this percentage further. During your open water course you would have spent considerable time learning about the affect nitrogen has on the body and the importance of monitoring this …read more here!

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    Poseidon Gear

    Introducing POSEIDON SE7EN   The Next Generation Rebreather Orlando, Florida – November 6, 2013 – Poseidon Diving Systems, AB, has officially launched the POSEIDON SE7EN Rebreather whose predecessor is the highly acclaimed MKVI, the world’s first recreational rebreather. The SE7EN is the Next Generation Rebreather that offers the ultimate in recreational/technical versatility. The POSEIDON SE7EN boasts seven (7) new benefits that were incorporated as a result of intensive research …read more here!

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    Dive Regs

    I was taught that all I needed to scuba dive was to be able to breathe underwater so my most important items are my regulators. In essence these are a primary element of the Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus or SCUBA kit, they deliver the air from your tank to your body. Regulators are part of your lifeline and enjoyment of experiencing the underwater world. Hence these must be comfortable – its no use spending an hour under the surface and constantly fiddling with your regs because …read more here!

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    Scuba Tips

    Scuba diving opens up travel opportunities by allowing us to explore the other 70% of our planet. Here are a few tips to get you started if you’re keen on slipping beneath the surface and experiencing a whole new freedom. There are a lot of dive schools though the two most common today are PADI and SSI. Both offer global certification and there is really little between them. So instead of getting caught up with this aspect: find a local dive school and get to know the instructors – …read more here!

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    Dive Tips

    Stop! Think! Act! When I started diving I wanted to know everything, so I researched: blogs, videos, books, articles, textbooks – the lot…see I’m a bit of a nerd and I need to know everything about something to be prepared (pity I was never a girl scout). I read books on diving accidents, I watched a few really bad movies that had little to do with diving but mentioned it in their blurb and I read a lot.   The most important lesson I learnt actually came from my professional background …read more here!

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