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    Diving Changed Me

    Guided Dive

    I’ve always been an adventurous person – I’ve travelled the world with my child, jumped out of an airplane, attempted (and failed) skiing, explored remote areas, started a charity, tried internet dating but none have made me feel as brave and free as SCUBA diving. Can you hear it – “They may take our lives, but never take our freedom” (Braveheart film, 1995) – okay maybe that’s a bit dramatic but I did find freedom. My path to SCUBA diving was not straightforward – I did an ocean …read more here!

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    Without a doubt the Stress & Rescue Course has been my favourite course to date. As with most scuba training there is a theory and practical component to this course. The theory outlines various scenarios for preparedness for diving emergencies; whilst the practical introduces these scenarios into your diving skills. Scenarios include the most common dive emergencies such as out of air situations, cramps, diver distress, decompression illness and missing divers, with consideration for both …read more here!

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    Silhouette of Scuba Diver near Sea Bottom

    Dive Sensibly: You know the ones I’m talking about…the ’I’ve dived deeper, longer, ridden a great white and been adopted by orcas’ sort. They’ve done everything and most importantly they’ve done it better, faster, deeper than anyone one else, and they make sure everyone knows it. Whilst knowledge, confidence and experience are important in the water, ego and diving don’t mix well. Egos engender complacency and often result in avoidable incidents. An example: during a sail …read more here!

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    Alexey preparing for a static breath hold during 2011 Pool World Championship
Photo by Linda Paganelli

    Alexey Molchanov is very often spending time in Dahab and we have know him since he was 17! He was already freediving deep then but wasn’t allowed to compete yet. This January Alexey came for some training and brought some monofins to our shop at Freedive Dahab; our instructor and blogger Pavol met him for an interview. We hope you enjoy it and find some new interesting insights:) Now that the depth season is over I got a chance to meet with Alexey Molchanov and had a chat about freediving …read more here!

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    A Cotton Photo

    shark diving

    A Cotton Photo These are some of our favorite photos from one of the most amazing underwater photographers we know. Thank you to Amanda Cotton for the incredible works! Keep it coming and be sure to check out her Facebook Page at the bottom. Amanda Cotton is a professional underwater photographer – where will your diving career take you? Please visit: A Cotton Photo for more fantastic photos. Blogger Frank Vorster Owner Dive Flag App …read more here!

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    Adopt a Shark


    Support Shark Angels and Adopt a Shark! Earn your wings! By adopting a shark, you are helping to support our efforts to raise awareness of the critical issues sharks face and by doing so, protect these and other threatened species. When adopting a shark you receive: 12 inch plush hammerhead shark puppet 5″ x 7″ personalized adoption certificate 5″ x 7″ full-color photo of your species with fascinating facts about your new shark Die Cut Charlie sticker Personalized acknowledgment …read more here!

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    The Scuba Coach

    About The Scuba Coach We are independent scuba diving and free diving professionals throughout Australia.   The Scuba Coach provides you customized scuba training in a slightly different way. We are not a dive centre and therefore can offer training dives at various locations. You can find an individual instructor within our community for one-on-one training or in a very small group on fully flexible course schedules that suit your situation best. Learn to Dive Dive …read more here!

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    Daily training at the Blue Hole

    When I first came to Dahab in Egypt I was planning to stay for three months just to Freedive. My goal was to reach 20 meters! What I did not know at that time was that I would leave as a qualified Level 2 Freediving Instructor diving deeper than 40 meters with fins. I completed the so called “zero to hero” program which basically forms a Freediving Instructor out of a more or less complete beginner. One might say “only 3 months? How can you get enough experience, knowledge and skills in just …read more here!

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    Scuba Shooters


    Scubashooters.net is a community made up by a group of professional and amateur photographers from all over the world, but with a great passion in common: underwater photography! Diving and snorkeling lead us to capture with a privileged eye beautiful and special underwater creatures. Closer view to a sea turtle, a dolphin, a shark or to any other forms of aquatic life is an exciting experience and share it with those who have our same passion fills us with satisfaction! At scubashooters.net …read more here!

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    Dive Flag App would like to welcome the very well-known and reputable Freedive International to our contributors list! Freedive International was founded by two record holders freedivers who made of freediving a lifestyle and started a freediving school in 2004. Now you can find us in 3 freediving schools across 2 continents but our aim is to expand in more locations that are ideal for freediving and accessible from everywhere in the world. We teach courses of all levels up to instructor trainer …read more here!

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