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    Mike Wells   Mike Wells needs no introduction to the diving industry as his records and achievements in the art of Freediving are well known globally. As the former SSI International Training Director of Freediving, Mike conceptualised and wrote the world’s first mainstream Freediving program and in so doing effectively transformed the once cult-like pastime consisting of just a handful of participants into a safety focused, structured, mainstream sport that is today accessible to the …read more here!

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    Woman snorkeling On a coral reef

    Break out of the mold and try something new!   So it’s the weekend, the weather looks great and your prepped and ready to go diving…but you’ve dived your local site so many times it’s beginning to bore you. Have you considered a dive holiday? When you ask people about why they chose their holiday destination the response is ‘to get away from the ‘tourist’ crowd, well how much further can you get than underwater.  Dive travel opens the doors to new sites, new experiences …read more here!

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    Freediving Team

    Freediving the MYTHS – 1.0 Breathing 100% Oxygen at depth after a Freedive Consultation of the Myth Busting brain Trust is made up of many of the worlds top trainers & experts from various major Diving / Freediving agencies and educators. The views expressed here are of first hand experience, science, logic and plain old common sense. Foreword: Mike Wells It is unfortunate that many practices in Freediving seem to go unchecked, unquestioned or challenged. In the sport …read more here!

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    Review RFSE

    Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions The Beginning:  There are some prominent names associated with the conservation of Great White Sharks, one such name is Rodney Fox. One would consider this an unlikely occurance due to the fact that Rodney Fox is an Australian survivor of one of the world’s most infamous shark attacks in history. In 1963 Rodney was attacked around the chest and hand by a great white shark during a spearfishing competition and suffered near fatal wounds. Post surgery Rodney …read more here!

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    Beach Accessories

    Here is a sarcastic spin on what you probably do. but should try to avoid when preparing for your next dive trip. Hope you enjoy! Pack at the last minute – you’re not likely to forget anything and anyway, there will be others that can lend you their stuff. Once you’re on the boat spread your gear out…wide and far. Others can learn to circumnavigate or you can laugh when they stub their toe on your gear bag…again. Who needs the dive briefing – you’re qualified so you know …read more here!

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    For the tenth time in ten years Freedive International is organizing the annually Triple Depth Freediving Challenge in Dahab’s world famous Blue Hole in Egypt. “Triple Depth” refers to the 3 depth disciplines, which are performed over a period of 3 days. The trick to win this competition is not to push too much each single discipline as there are no days off to recover in between, so you need to know yourself and your limits to decide how far you can go and still be fresh for the next day. The …read more here!

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    Woman wearing diving equipment

    The thing I love about diving is the freedom…to explore a new environment…to relax…to enjoy the company of different friends – our marine counterparts…and to hear about others experiences. I particularly love diving with new divers – that first moment of awe and wonder at what they are doing and seeing is priceless. I know I looked like that once, and to be honest probably still do at times. But this freedom comes with some basic rules that help to make diving experiences better and …read more here!

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    A scuba diver being approached by a grey shark

    Like all of us I’d heard about divers getting ‘narked’ on deep dives. Being narked refers to gas narcosis – the experience of excess nitrogen or oxygen absorption in the nerve cell structures, which presents as intoxication, potentially affecting a person’s diving abilities. Generally most divers will experience, at least minor symptoms from about 30m depths. Symptoms vary person-to-person and day-to-day but generally include a reduction in response rate, slowed thinking, impaired vigilance …read more here!

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    Ahmed Gabr, World Record Holder Breaks Record whilst sporting Another World Record Holder The World Record As reported by the Guiness World Records: On the 18th of September 2014, Ahmed, a 41-year-old Egyptian, broken the record for the deepest ocean SCUBA dive. Making use of Open Circuit scuba diving equipment Ahmed plunged an astonishing 332.35 m in the Red Sea off the coast of Dahab, Egypt. This amazing feat of human training and ability broke the previous record of 318.25 m by …read more here!

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    by Benjamin Boehme Instructor at Freedive International For now almost 3 weeks I am instructing freediving courses for Extreme Blue Water Freediving in Nungwi, a small, cozy village at the Northern Cape of Zanzibar, The kilometer-long beach, which almost surrounds the whole north of the islands enabling endless walks or runs or visits in the neighbor village of Kendwa, is full of life during the day.  As far as the eyes goes you see fishermen bringing in the catch of the day, hectic ambitious …read more here!

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