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    Launching Pana Divers as a Poseidon Rebreather Center By James Roberton Introduction Arriving in Guatemala, I was greeted like an old friend by Leo, the driver sent by my hosts, Pana Divers. The fact that I’d neither been to Guatemala nor met Leo before was entirely irrelevant to the warmth of the welcome he gave me. That warmth, generosity and joy of living of the Guatemalan people were an ongoing theme for what was rapidly becoming an amazing adventure! Pana Divers is based in Guatemala, …read more here!

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    Madison Stewart

    The Incredible Madison Stewart Madison Stewart has launched a new video outlining what her life means, what she strives for and what she wants to see changed in this world. Times and ways are about to change and it is largely due to her efforts on promoting and fighting for the rights of sharks. Her message is strong, it is passionate and it comes with a warning. If you agree with her views, then follow her on Shark Girl. Written by Madison Stewart Shark Girl http://www.madisonstewart.com.au/ …read more here!

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    Hi Guys I (Dr Dirk Schmidt) am running a Tee-shirt campaign to help fund a WS research programs (Shark Research Committee). we need to sell a minimum of 50 T’s to make this campaign work and to make it feasible and to be able to donate at-least $200, they come in all sizes – ALL PROFITS GO TO THE SHARK PROGRAM. Thank you all for your interest, passion and fascination for this species. Purchase a tee here for $29.95 USD:        Blogger Details: Dr. …read more here!

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    cuttle fish hunting

    Cuttlefish Hunting – The Executioner On a night dive in the Philippines, a little friend decided to join me. This cuttlefish and I hung out together on a night dive for over 45 minutes. It used my lights to hunt. And hunt it did. Probably having the biggest meal of its life. He missed a lot, but was also very successful, between shrimp and fish. He was one satisfied cuttlefish. Filmed in Anilao Philippines Canon 5d Mark II and a 100mm Macro lens. Being completely hand held made this very …read more here!

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    Octopuses of The Night The Octopus is a fascinating animal. They are incredibly intelligent and have very short life spans. This video shows some footage of these wonderful creatures I shot on some night dives in the Philippines. I hope you enjoy! All Underwater Video Copyright © Dustin Adamson/Oceanshutter.com. All Rights Reserved Music by – Akoviani – Just You Contributed by: Dustin Adamson …read more here!

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    When DivingSpecials.com launched, it was the result of sheer passion for diving and the drive to connect scuba divers with the most exciting dive destinations on this planet. The idea evolved to an online platform offering the hottest specials for dive trips, weekend activities and equipment.   Sarah, who is a passionate scuba diver herself, was constantly looking for new dive spots, while working in Corporate and Investment Banking in Munich: “The period after a dive trip was only …read more here!

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    Scuba Path – Episode 6 – Dan Smith Dan Smith is currently employed as a Fisheries Technician at Prince William Sound Aquaculture Corporation. He recently graduated from Nova Southeastern University in FL with MS in Marine Biology. We talk about his journey through the educational process and his loads of experience gained by putting himself out there for volunteer work. We also talk about his role at The Manta Network as researcher and social media manager and get some wonderful advice from …read more here!

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    HECS Aquatic Suit – Product Demonstration   I was fortunate enough to attend the RAID Australia and New Zealand launch, in Manly Australia. RAID invited a number of industry partners to attend the launch. Among these partners was FOB Direct and Aquanaut the two companies introducing the world famous technology found in HECS terrestrial suits to the underwater world. The mid afternoon component of the RAID launch showcased the HECS technology in action. HECS technology has been around …read more here!

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    Madison Stewart on Filming I began to scuba dive at age 11, and by the time I was 14 years old, the sharks I knew and loved and grew up with since the age of 12 had been stripped from the Great Barrier Reef and reduced to a mere few at the hands of unjustified harvesting and lack of respect for the species. I learnt very quickly how easily change can occur, and how conservation was not an option for me, but a necessity, and an obligation to the creatures and the oceans I love… but to be …read more here!

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    Why Two Roane State Community College Educators Attempt World Record Stay Underwater for 72 Days… Listen to the pod cast here: https://soundcloud.com/scubapath/episode5 I had the  pleasure recently to interview Bruce Cantrell & Jessica Fain from Roane State Community College.  They are part of an amazing and innovative project called Classroom Under the Sea. The two college professors have been diving together for years and have taken many groups down to the Jules’ Undersea …read more here!

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